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Small World has a long-standing commitment to small and local businesses. When the COVID-19 quarantines struck, we started looking for ways to help.

Like many folks, we supported our local restaurants that pivoted to takeout and delivery only. After a few weeks, we found that the experience of walking through downtown was a core part of our discovering new places and, with the stay-home order in place, that was not missing.

So, we built these apps to help others either discover or remember the range of choices available. 

Our Services
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Digital Presence Management

Your digital presence is everything involved with getting you online, keeping you online, and driving attention to your site. We act as your team member who keeps the website services running so you can focus. And we keep your goals front and center at all times (they are literally on the screen when we’re caring for your account), and will keep you up to speed with timely, concise reports.

SMB Education Programs

Since COVID-19, everyone and their mother has asked you to buy an online course. Our programs are different. Focused around the parts of running a modern online business, we call them “Enough to be Dangerous”. They respect your time, by being short, and your focus by giving you enough information to make informed business decisions. 

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Custom Solutions

These are the extras and the big ideas that make a difference. MOXS, our in-house studio, thrives on marrying concepts in ways that, once done, seem amazingly obvious. From business development consulting to chat bots, custom apps to powering an online summit, our custom solutions will help you stand out in your market and your customers’ minds.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

Albert Einstein

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Small World is your managed services provider. We identify, install, and manage the hosting, marketing, and specialty solutions your business needs to thrive online.

We solve problems for small businesses, and we add value to the online experience for your customers. We help you delight them with the personalization that only a small business can provide while providing the technical experiences they expect of a modern online site.

We believe small businesses need access to the same resources that enable larger businesses to thrive online. We find those resources and make them work for you.

The digital world moves fast, and we are determined to keep our small business partners in the race.

Talk about it

So much of what we can do for you and your business is customized to your goals and needs. Affordable but custom nonetheless. Please reach out and let’s talk about how we might be able to help you achieve your goals.