Fast, Easy and Smart Accessibility for Your Website


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starting at $490/year or $49/month

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starting at $395/year or $44/month

Consider accessiBe if:

Approximately 20% of the world’s population can’t use the web because websites don’t respect their abilities.

Now, imagine what could happen if those 1.5 billion smart, engaged, and talented people could access sites like yours.

Small World proudly offers accessiBe, the AI powered solution trusted by more than 100k websites, including our own. Once installed, accessiBe stays updated with your website automatically by scanning it every day for changes.

Then it offers various accessibility solutions to those who may need an assisted presentation of your site.

Those presentations are designed to provide your website with a level of automated compliance with the ADA, WCAG, and other governmental regulations for website access. 

It’s smart. Cost-effective. Automatic. And providing accessibility is the right thing to do for a billion people who want to use the web – and visit your site – just like everyone else.



  • accessiBe’s interface makes design and UI adjustments to your website for an individual user’s session. Your design doesn’t change. Instead, the user’s view of your site adjusts to meet their needs.
  • The solution uses a simple Javascript code insertion to work. Small World can manage the code installation for you.
  • accessiBe’s AI machine learning uses computer vision to understand your site’s display and provide the information screen readers and keyboard navigation tools require.
  • After the initial scan, accessiBe provides you with an accessibility statement to confirm your site’s compliance. The information is also available to site visitors through the accessiBe interface. You can see our report here.


Optional installation by Small World is available at checkout. 

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