Group Buying Power for SMBs

SMB Buyers Club

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Consider SMB Buyers Club if:

SMB Buyers Club from Small World gives you more of the services your business needs for less, plus a lot more. 


As a group buying solution, members have access to volume pricing – anywhere from 20-40% off the list price for qualifying products and services.

Name brand products & service providers

SMB Buyers Club curates our selection to include providers you know and trust. Need help creating a new logo, social media ad, or blog post? We can help you with creative solutions too.

New trends tracking

Staying on top of the latest trend in online solutions is a time-consuming task that we simplify for SMB Buyers Club members through online sessions. Save your time or beat your competition to market. Either way, you win by getting answers quickly and easily.

Customized support

And if you decide to install a new tool or just need help with your current site, we offer customized support solutions for most website platforms (WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and more).

Progressive discounts for Founders

Join the club today and become a Founder. As more members join and the pricing to Small World gets better, we pass on those saving to Founders. That means your renewal on existing, qualifying services gets lower. 


Sometimes the only person who understands what it takes to run a business is another business owner. SMB Buyers Club members get access to our private directory of other club members.

Satisfaction guarantee

And if you’re not satisfied with your membership, just let us know, and we’ll cancel it no questions asked. Small World will refund your unused membership to you right away. Keep in mind that any products or services purchased with membership benefits or pricing will renew (either monthly or annually) at their regular list price after your membership is canceled.

Join the SMB Buyers Club today, start paying less for the services you need, and get a lot more!


  • After confirming enrollment, members receive account info linked to the email address used to purchase the membership.
  • Unless stated, discounted pricing is applied automatically at checkout. Depending on the product or service provider, a discount code may need to be used. Small World will provide the code either in the store interface or via email to the registered address.
  • Some products or services are only available as an agency-provided solution. Small World or one of its associated agency partners or brands is the agency of record for those solutions as part of the membership agreement. A confirmation call or meeting may be required to complete these purchases.


  • This is a membership-based solution. There is nothing to install on your website. Most discounts are applied automatically at checkout. You can find other club benefits by logging into your SMB Buyers Club account.

Additional Information

  • Founders-level memberships are limited and available on a first-come basis. Small World will close the Founders program to new members at its sole discretion. If a Founders membership is canceled for any reason, including failure to pay renewal fees, it may not be reactivated with Founder benefits. 
  • You may cancel your memberships at any time for a refund of the unused portion. Products or services will renew at their regular list prices after membership cancellations.

Join the Club and Save

The SMB Buyers Club from Small World gives your business a chance to save on the digital, website, and online services you use every day. Most of the products and services we provide come with SMB Buyers Club discounts or privileges, giving you reduced costs on everything from domain names to website hosting, AI-powered accessibility services, to auto-generated privacy policies.

SMB Buyers Club members get an automatic subscription to Your SMB, our newsletter of curated content specifically for small business owners, Small World Works, our new product testing program, and Small World Connects, our private directory of Buyers Club members.

And suppose you’re not 100% satisfied. In that case, we offer a money-back guarantee on the remaining term of your membership (refunds do not apply to annual products, or services that have already been provided).

And all of this for less than $10 per month.

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Lowering Costs, Together

Group buying power gives you high-quality products and services at more affordable rates. It's the power of the enterprise made available to the SMB.

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Loyalty Matters

The benefits of more members should benefit all members - not just the new ones. That's why we reward founding members with lowered renewal rates on many of their existing products.

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Connections that Count

Running a business is tough in ways that only other owners can understand. We provide connections across club members to help you leverage community knowledge for your business advantage.